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Annelise Lords

I made many people happy at a cost to my mental health and sanity.

I AM LOVE printed on a T-shirt.Image by Annelise Lords. Models by Kin Custom

I am Annelise Lords, and I am from Jamaica. I am a lot of things, and I have many parts. I learned from everyone and everything. Life, pain, poverty, love, hate, kindness, cruelty, you, my actions, choices, decisions, experiences, coincidences, circumstances I face, and situations I find myself in are my teacher. Learning mode is never off.

Love is the first part of me.

"The answer to this question cannot be answered by my heart?" Ivorie said to her husband, Jack.

"Why not?" he softly asks, caressing her hands and attempting to ease the pain raging in her heart.

Fighting to stop the grief from taking control of her emotions, she shared, "the questions my heart answers bring me pain. But happiness and joy to the receivers."

"But it's always someone we both love," he tries to console.

Slowly pulling her hands away, pain shoots through her body, "That's not how love grows Jack. Love, like plants, will spread out in many directions until humans impose limitations. It's never one-sided."

Watching her earnestly, his heart aching, "Life is never easy. You know that."

"Neither is love. But I can't keep sacrificing myself for one-sided love.”

For years my heart has answered questions that my brain, wisdom, and common sense should. Questions that were asked by many of the people in my life. I made many people happy at a cost to my mental health and sanity.

Real love is never one-sided!

I accepted one-sided love, and grief imprisoned me.

The cruelty of humanity taught me that 'I AM LOVE!'

Each of us has a different idea of love, but real love is never one-sided. It took me years to realize it and free myself.

I am love.

So are You!

Real love is never one-sided!

Thank you for reading the 1st part of me. This is a real experience that I have had to endure and is written this way to inspire everyone.

I AM LOVE printed on a T-shirt with heartsImage by Annelise Lords. Models by Kin Custom

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I don't limit myself, because I learn from the actions, choices, decisions, and life of everyone I know. I study and learn from all of my life's circumstances and situations, and also yours. My power of words is about life, awareness, the value, and the simplicity of commonsense, especially when it's not used. Life lessons are in everything we do. I will show them to you.

Poughkeepsie, NY

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