Fiction & Opinion: Helping You . . . . Is Healing Me

Annelise Lords

I witnessed a different and better part of our world emerge in a place packed with disappointment, regrets, and sorrow.
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"Must you be kind all of the time?" Lionel screamed at Bella.

His response ignited invisible flames that bounced between them.

"Yes!" she fired back.

"Why? Don't you know that not all of us want it?"

"I must!" she explained. "Because helping you is healing me."

He stared at her with furled brows, edging closer to her, "How?"

Sighing quickly, easing back into the agony of her past with a lighter heart, "for the first twenty-five years of my being, all I got from the ones around me was cruelty and hatred. I grew up believing that the rest of the world was like my family. I took the anguish that my existence gave me and returned it accordingly," Bella explained.

"Pain for pain is hell," he remarks, eyeing her in shock.

"The hatred and cruelty I was raised on ruined my life and took everything I had. I ended up in a homeless shelter. On the first day, someone pushed me aside and stole my breakfast. A twelve-year-old child in a wheelchair shared her breakfast with me."

"And the child shall lead," slipped from Lionel's lips.

"That was the first time anyone was generous to me. At first, I thought it was a scam. But looking into that child's eyes, I saw something I had never seen in anyone else. I swore I saw her soul, and it was beautiful and pure. So, I knew she was different."

"And she converted you?"

"Would you believe that her name is Mary?"

"Did she convert you?" Lionel repeated

"In time. Her action tried to unlock the chains on my heart. Over the next months, that disabled orphan child watered our barren environment with benevolence and love. Plants began to sprout and blossomed from the hearts and actions of everyone. I witnessed a different and better part of our world emerge in a place packed with disappointment, regrets, and sorrow. A new world filled with consideration and compassion began to show."

"A child in a wheelchair did that?" Lionel questioned.

"Hope and kindness come in the most unbelievable packages. I liked it. So, I decided to try something new. Amazingly, the more thoughtfulness I gave, the lighter the burden on my heart was, and the chains broke away. I understood that compassion teaches us to love ourselves. Love each other. Love humanity. I realized that being considerate healed me. So I decided to keep healing myself daily by helping someone. It works, Lionel. You got to try it," Bella urged.

Lionel turned away so Bella couldn't see his tears, then said, "I have tried everything except that. What if it doesn't work."

Bella eased towards him, took his shoulders, and rotated him in her direction. Feeling the pain flowing from his teary eyes, she wiped them with the back of her hands, then encouraged, "if it doesn't work, you can go back to what works for you. But it will, with no negative side effects!"

Helping you is healing me.

Kindness is therapy for many of us. Start healing yourself and others with kindness because our world needs more of it right now.
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Thank you for reading this piece. I hope you enjoy it.

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