New Report Points to Wuhan Lab for Covid 19 Origins

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More evidence has been found that Covid originated in a Chinese labPhoto byGR StocksonUnsplash

While there have been differing theories posed on the origin of the Covid-19 virus, the US Department of Energy has just stated that the virus most likely originated in a laboratory in Wuhan, China, according to a newly classified intelligence report.

This latest information increases the divide in the US government over whether the Covid-19 virus originated in China in 2019 as a result of a laboratory leak or whether it emerged as a result of a natural event. US intelligence agencies have been split in their beliefs. In 2021, an intelligence report was declassified that revealed four agencies in the intelligence community believed the virus most likely was transmitted from animals to humans in a natural event in the wild. One agency believed that the pandemic began as the result of a laboratory accident. According to the new report, without further information, three other intelligence agencies were unable to support either explanation.There are 18 government agencies comprising the US intelligence community.

In a statement to CNN, a Department of Energy spokesperson disclosed: “The Department of Energy continues to support the thorough, careful, and objective work of our intelligence professionals in investigating the origins of COVID-19, as the President directed.”

While there was no comment from The Office of the Director of National Intelligence, China’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs decried the claim when asked about the latest assessment during a regular briefing on Monday. Spokesperson Mao Ning reminded reporters of the “authoritative and scientific” 2021 conclusion determined after Chinese and World Health Organization experts declared the lab leak hypothesis was “highly unlikely.” Western governments later criticized that mission for having a lack of transparency. Mao continued “The parties concerned should stop stirring up arguments about laboratory leaks, stop smearing China and stop politicizing the issue of the virus origin."

Jake Sullivan, National Security Advisor, said on CNN’s Sunday“State of the Union” that the US intelligence community is still divided in their opinions, while noting that the Biden administration has allocated resources for determining the origin of the virus.

Republican Sen. Dan Sullivan of Alaska is calling for public hearings following the disclosure of the Department of Energy assessment. On NBC's "Meet the Press" the Senator stated, ““Think about what just happened over the last three years, one of the biggest pandemics in a century. A lot of evidence that it’s coming from the Chinese."

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