Hunter Biden's Love Child's Use of the Biden Surname Pending

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Hunter Biden does not want his love child with stripper to bear the Biden surname.Photo byCenter for Strategic & International Studies, CC BY 3.0 <

The second son of President Joe Biden, Hunter, fathered a love child with an Arkansas stripper. Navy Joan Roberts was born in August, 2018 to Lunden Alexis Roberts. Days after marrying his current wife, Melissa Cohen in May, 2019, Ms. Roberts initiated a paternity and child support suit against Hunter.

Initially, Hunter denied fathering the child with Ms. Roberts, stating he had no recollection of a sexual encounter with the stripper. In November, 2019, DNA tests proved that Hunter was the biological father of Navy Roberts. The paternity case was settled for an undisclosed figure, but is rumored to be over 2 million dollars. Ms. Roberts met Hunter at a Washington, D.C. strip club where she was working in late 2017.

The Biden family is estranged from four-year old Navy who is growing up with her mother in rural Arkansas. She has never appeared in any of the Biden family photographs. A 2021 stocking display of the Biden grandchildren did not include one for Navy.

Now Ms. Roberts has petitioned the court to use the Biden surname for her daughter as the moniker is "synonymous with being well educated, successful, financially acute and politically powerful," according to The New York Post.

Countering that argument to an Arkansas court, Hunter asserts that use of the name could rob his daughter of a "peaceful existence" due to his father's notoriety and the current political climate. His attorney filed a motion asking Judge Meyer to deny the request, asking that Navy choose her surname after “the disparagement of the Biden name is not at its height”.

Recently, Hunter asked for a reduction in the child support payments he is paying for Navy. Texas attorney, Brent Langdon, representing Hunter said in a statement, “Like many other individuals whose child support obligations were calculated before the new guidelines took effect, Mr. Biden has asked the court to review the existing child support determination and to establish an amount of child support that complies with the current guidelines and circumstances." Hunter is claiming he has had a recent and substantial change that has lowered his finances.

In his new autobiography, "Beautiful Things," Hunter states that after his 2017 divorce from his first wife, he went on "rampages" with women and they “would satisfy our immediate needs and little else.” It was during this time that he began an affair with Hallie Biden, the widow of his brother Beau.

Mr. Biden has three other daughters from his first marriage to Kathleen Buhle and one son by his current wife, Melissa Cohen. Hunter married Ms. Cohen six days after their initial meeting. Their son, Beau, turns three in March.

As of this writing, no decision has been made in regard to what Navy's surname will be.

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