Opinion: Should We Change the Way We Fight This Virus?

Anne Bonfert

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Two years into the pandemic and we’re no step further

Something has to change. We’re now two years into the pandemic implementing again travel bans as soon as a new variant has been detected. How is that possible? Have we learned nothing in these two years?

We’ve developed a vaccine. Several vaccines. We’ve created countless self-tests and other tests in order to pick up the virus as soon as it’s in your body.

Yet, the world is again going down using the same methods every time a new virus mutant pops up.

Locking down countries. Banning flights to potential countries of origins of the new variant. Forcing vaccinated people to get tested again. And those unvaccinated to get vaccinated.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m by no means an anti-vaxxer. I’ve got a vaccination book full of vaccines that I barely had space for my covid stamp.

But there is something different that bothers me in this pandemic.

Why aren’t we helping the sick?

You might say I’m crazy. But think about it. As soon as you’re detected as positive with covid you’re denied access to health care. You’re not allowed to visit a doctor’s office. You’re not allowed in a pharmacy.

You’re not only excluded from the social world but you also get rejected first aid.

The moment a person gets sick, no matter with what virus or illness, is the most crucial moment in the development of the healing process. Every doctor, every nurse, and every health care worker knows this. Immediate response.

It is life-saving to pick up cancer just as it develops. It is crucial to find out about someone’s disease to be able to give him the right treatment from day one. The right medicine can help people recover quicker.

But when you have Covid you’re refused entrance to a doctor’s office. Since when are the sick not allowed to go to the doctor anymore?

The first time a Corona patient will receive help from the health care system is the moment he struggles to breathe and needs to be fetched by an ambulance.

A little too late.

We all know how that lane goes down. We all know what happens next. To most of the patients.

So please, tell me why?

Why aren’t we helping the sick?

We developed several vaccines in less than 6 months but still have no medicine to help the sick? I doubt that. Some people would have gotten great relief with pain killers or other drugs. I’m no doctor. But I know for sure there’s enough medicine out there already to help the sick.

Why are we putting covid patients above others?

Many surgeries had been postponed over the last two years. Some of them didn’t seem to be life-saving at the moment but ended up undone to a dying patient.

Why are we putting covid patients above other humans suffering from an illness? How is one sick patient more worth than another? It doesn’t go into my brain.

Why are we hanging on the vaccine like on the last straw?

As mentioned, I’m not against the vaccine. But, and here comes the but, I’m against the way this vaccine is treated. The way it came out. With emergency approvals, constantly changing age recommendations for the different vaccines, and unbelievable advertising in all areas of our daily lives.

That is not right.

While yes, you should develop a vaccine and bring it among the people but maybe only once it’s fully approved.

And yes, you should have age recommendations for different vaccines but those should be well-researched and science-based. Politicians can’t be deciding on the go when which vaccine which age group should take. And changing those recommendations within a month isn’t very ensuring to those taken the vaccine or for those considering it.

Making successive advertisements for vaccines is maybe not the right way forward. Yes, you should promote it if you’re convinced it helps. But no, it shouldn’t be shoved into our faces every time someone opens their mouth on the tv, on the radio, or in the newspaper. Too much is too much.

And more important than forcing people to take the vaccine would be in my eyes to educate them about a healthy immune system. Education about a healthy lifestyle and how to stay strong in difficult times. Physically and mentally.

Vaccines give people a false feeling of health. Being vaccinated doesn’t mean you’re healthy. Getting the shot in the first place means you’re injecting your system with the virus. Then your immune system needs to learn to fight against it.

While having a vaccine might help you if you do catch the virus later, it is still essential to be physically fit and healthy. And for that, no vaccine in the world will help. You need to eat accordingly and have a healthy lifestyle instead.

I’ve written on this before and it’s a long topic but I do know the pharma industry isn’t interested in it at all since a healthy patient is a lost customer in their eyes. This happens when money rules the world.

Why aren’t we working together?

Just now South Africa proudly announced they found a new way to detect new variants and wanted to work together with the world with scientific developments.

How naive from them. As if someone wants to work together.

What the world heard was “new variant” and “South Africa” and immediately imposed travel bans to entire southern Africa leaving countries like Namibia with less than 20 new infections per day speechless.


Entire livelihoods are being destroyed. Children in those countries will be growing up without a future and a lot of them will die of hunger, tuberculosis, hepatitis, malaria, or another disease. Do you think that’s harsh? No, it’s the truth.

You really think you can stop the spread of a variant with travel bans? It is most possibly already in your backyard. And probably did originate somewhere else. But hey, we always need a guilty one. As quick as possible.

Do you think it’s gonna work?

We’re in a global world. Our food chains can’t operate without flights, ships, and land transport between countries. Our fashion industry neither. Or the motor or any other industry.

We are far too developed on a global basis to be able to do entire shutdowns at our borders. It won’t work. It didn’t work. It didn’t stop the virus from spreading in the first place. Because you’re always one step behind.

So why continue with the same methods?

Why aren’t we trying to live with it?

And no, I’m not saying to ignore all hygiene rules. But I’m saying we won’t get rid of it. It’s a virus that will be around us for a lot longer.

We’ve destroyed so many lives with the lockdowns. Mental health practitioners can’t get behind their work. Children of all ages come up with behavioral problems and mental breakdowns.

And yes, the causes are lockdowns and social distancing. Children need to socialize. Just as much as adults do.

Suicide rates have gone up. You won’t find it on the news since they are too busy scaring you away from the latest variant of the virus. But it’s reality. And we gotta do something about it.

While we’re trying to fix one problem we’re causing a hundred new ones. With countless lockdowns we’ve killed thousands of businesses, we’ve let children go to bed hungry, we’ve forced people to decide to take their own lives, we’ve taken perspectives from the young and separated the old from their loved ones.

Why are we splitting the society?

It seems like the top leaders are only interested in splitting their nations. They’re by no means trying to understand their people. I’ve heard leaders calling someone without the covid vaccine an “idiot”.


Have you tried to understand that person in front of you? Have you asked him or why she doesn’t want or have it yet?

Maybe the person is having another illness that prevents him from getting the shot.
Maybe the person is unsure which vaccine to get due to the permanently changing recommendations.
Maybe the person simply didn’t get an appointment yet.
Maybe the person doesn’t trust an emergency approval and wants to wait a bit longer.

There could be a million reasons for it. And depending on the reason is the outcome of the conversation. But if we’re not even trying to understand the other person, we’re only distancing ourselves from them even more.

The same counts for the vaccinated being called “sheep”. Whatever the reason was for them to take the shot, it’s their body and their decision.

Why do we need to fight against each other? Why do we need to be splitted into vaccinated and unvaccinated?

Why have we turned into haters?

This brings me to the next point. Why do we need to judge others? And insult them left, right, and center. That is at least what’s happening all across social media. Everywhere you’ll see hate comments, straightforward insults, and curse words.

What happened to our kindness? Peaceful living next to each other disregarding someone’s religion, soccer club preference, or nationality.

I do know racism is still a thing.

But I also do know that we managed to live peacefully next to each other. At least most of the time. We can be friends despite having different favorite colors.

Why can’t we remain friends despite different vaccination books?

Just talk to each other.

Don’t use hate as your first option.

Final words

We need to be a bit more mindful of each other.

In order to fight this virus, we need to stop racism in a form of implementing flights bans to certain countries. We need to work together instead. Find a way to live with the virus.

We also can’t ignore the sick. Don’t just ban them from life. Help them. Give them access to health care. Hand them out the pills that have been developed.

And most importantly don’t spread fear. Your biggest enemy in a pandemic is fear. Fear increases the risk of getting sick due to a suppressed immune system.

Instead of spreading fear throughout the media inform people rather. Educate them about staying healthy. Educate them about how to keep a healthy mind. Support the healthy. And try to take the fear away.

And please, even if you disagree with me, be kind and respectful in the comments below. I would love to hear your point of view. Let’s have a friendly exchange of words.

Thank you.

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