Why is Nobody Talking About Boosting Your Immune System?

Anne Bonfert

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Is prevention no longer interesting?

It is something I’ve been missing since the beginning of the pandemic and I don’t understand why nobody is talking about it. Our body has a defensive system that has helped the human race to survive over thousands of years. Yet, it seems as this immune system is no longer interesting.

And please, before everyone starts to complain. I’m not saying don’t take the Covid vaccine or any vaccine. I’m just confused why no one is interested in boosting their immune system anymore.


Growing up in Germany by parents who got raised during the cold war in Romania there was something on top of our everyday life. Staying healthy. Because only a strong and healthy human being can go to work and earn a living.

Already during school days, it was like a no-go to miss a day of school because of sickness. You might ask what we did as children when we did get sick, because for sure sometimes we were sick.

Well, often we still went to school (I’m not saying that is the right thing to do). But more importantly, before we really got sick my mom would always step in. With the slightest sign of getting the flu, a cold, or whatever else, we were fed lots of tea and had to inhale saltwater or herbal teas.

The rest of the time we were given lots of fruits and vegetables (oh, how much I hated vegetables!) We were outdoors a lot playing in nature. We did sports. And lots of different sports.

Summarily, we did everything to get a strong immune system. And it did work! We were sick a lot less than other children. And so were my parents. In 30 years of working for the same company, my dad had 20 absent days of which six of them were due to a knee surgery.

20 days! Some people have that many absent days in one trimester.

Living a healthy life

Living a healthy life and having an active lifestyle wasn’t forced onto us. We enjoyed the outdoors. I loved being active and playing different sports. What I didn’t like that much was eating vegetables and I might have been lacking some vitamins in my teens because I acted as if I’m allergic to them.

After all, I did realize what great work my parents did raising us by creating a strong mindset of health and wellbeing overall.

I’ve had my fair share of the winter flu, runny noses, and even had pneumonia once. A lung inflammation that was really not fun. I have some allergies which don’t influence my daily life.

The one thing that surely described my life up to today is sports. I’ve been doing all kinds of sports over the years. But I’ve always been active. I never liked going to the gym but had a few months here and there where I had a gym membership.

As a kid, I was swimming in a club until the age of 14. I took up handball rather actively and had training sessions in my teens up to 4 times a week plus matches on weekends. I also played volleyball in a team and trained once a week.

And in my free time? I mean, the time I did not play Handball was rather scarce, but when I did have free time I’d go inline skating, swimming, or snowboarding in the mountains.

I only stopped playing handball when I left Germany. In Namibia, I was a sandboarding instructor for work and climbed up sand dunes daily. I’ve probably never been fitter than during those years in the desert.

I also acted as a climbing instructor doing more sports indoor and outdoor. I went surfing and paddling in the ocean. I’d go hiking in the mountains.

When we lived in Thailand for a year we had a gym membership where I mainly used their outdoor swimming pool for my training sessions.

I guess you get the point. I’m doing not only my best to stay active but I actually enjoy doing sports. Because I’ve always been like that.

Taking sports away during a health crisis

And that is where my anger and confusion came in. As soon as the pandemic was declared as such all gyms closed and indoor sports were forbidden. Even outdoor sports weren’t allowed.

In South Africa and Namibia, surfing was forbidden during the lockdowns. Surfing! How on earth are you supposed to catch a virus while paddling in salty ocean water and always having a wave between you and the next person?

Seriously, this was when I got really upset. While we’re suffering in a health crisis there was everything being done to take one part of a healthy life away from everyone. Why? To break people’s immune systems? To weaken the population?

It wouldn’t make sense to me. But that’s what it did. People were locked indoors some not even possible of doing walks in nature but surely not able of doing intense workouts. Why?

Doctors, teachers, and all kinds of scientists always preach the importance of staying fit and healthy, and all of a sudden it is forbidden? Forbidden to stay healthy?

Nowhere, literally nowhere in the world, it has ever been mentioned. No country leader, no news channel, or newspaper has said anything about staying fit and healthy during this pandemic. Nobody preached on boosting your immune system.

It simply didn’t make sense to me. It still doesn’t.

Giving vaccines to a weakened population

As I mentioned before, this is not a post about anti-vaxxers. Or about me saying people shouldn’t have gotten the covid vaccine. Or any vaccine. My vaccine book is probably fuller than most people’s vaccines history. With all kinds of exotic vaccines.

But that is why I am asking the question. Last year, while there was no vaccine out yet, nobody enforced people to stay healthy and active during a health crisis. Which everyone was surely interested in unless they want people to suffer.

But nobody spoke about eating healthy. Or doing sports.

And then, the vaccine came out. People had been locked indoors for months. Not getting fresh air, not doing active sports, and maybe with the combination of not cooking healthy foods is a bad combination. It’s a combination that leads to a weakened immune system.

And now, you’re giving a person with a weakened immune system a vaccine. You’re basically giving them the virus in small doses. And expecting a weakened body to deal with it without problems.

I mean sure most people still managed to stay healthy during the pandemic. Mainly the upper class. Those who had their own swimming pools, their own indoor gym, or other facilities. But especially the low-income population took a hit.

Why? Because their immune system wasn’t strong enough to fight the virus. Or to fight the antibodies from the vaccine.

“If you want to have a healthy immune system, you need to laugh often, view life with a positive eye, and put yourself in a relaxed state of mind on a regular basis.” — Michael T. Murray, N.D.

My last words

So please, whatever your decision is on taking this vaccine or any other vaccine. Please don’t stop living a healthy lifestyle. Only a strong body with a solid immune system can fight this and other viruses.

And please, keep preaching to our children about the importance of health, healthy foods, and being active. Many suffer from solitude and mental illnesses due to lengthy times spent indoors. I know this from first-hand experiences.

It’s important to go outdoors. To find an activity one enjoys. Some exercise that is done regularly and maybe even together with others to also strengthen the social skills.

“A healthy lifestyle not only changes your body; it changes your mind, your attitude, and your mood.” — Anonymous

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