When it Rains And thunderstorms are rolling across the valley

Anne Bonfert

Rainreza shayestehpour/ Unsplash

The rain arrived. It's pouring down heavily. The window is wide open. Letting me taking in all the sounds of it. Some thunder breaks the peaceful dropping of water. Rain is such a soothing sound.

Thunderstorms are spectacular. They’re so powerful. It's a demonstration of nature telling us she’s still in charge. No matter what we do she can and will always overrule us. And that is beautiful.

A rainy morning is perfect for me to do some journaling, write up new blog posts and catch up on my reading list. There are so many articles on my list that I sometimes fall behind in reading them.

It motivates me, makes me smile, sometimes it inspires me too, or it makes me think about past memories and trips I’ve been on.

Water is flowing. It’s been raining for a while now and a small streamlet must have formed in the valley. We don't have a permanent river flowing through the village. This area is rather dry I’ve realized last summer.

But this summer seems to be wetter. I've even seen some mushrooms on my walk yesterday. Mushrooms usually don’t appear until late September/ early October. But I’m glad about it. We need the rain.

Living on the hillside the water quickly makes its way down to the bottom of the valley. It’s dripping off the roof, running down the stairs, and flowing over meadows.

Looking out the window I can only see the grey of the clouds. But I can hear it all. The rain. I can hear raindrops falling onto the grass. And I can hear a crow in the neighbor’s garden complaining about the weather. She should just be quiet and hide somewhere like all the other birds.

Whenever the rain stops all the songbirds appear and throw the most amazing melodies out. Sounding across the valley those melodies talk about freedom, peace, and happiness.

About an hour later it all stopped. The rain. The roaring sound of the thunder. All gone. But what you can hear now are the birds. Happily chirping and flying from one tree to another. Singing with their most beautiful voices.

Moisture is rising from the forest creating fog hanging above the mountains. The fog is a bit darker, grayer, than the clouds in the sky. Some blue appears as time passes.

Time for me to start the day and be productive. With fresh air blowing into the flat I’m wide awake and inspired to get work done. First, I’ll edit some of my photographs taken yesterday late evening and then I’ll fix this article up. Add some photographs and out it goes.

All while listening to the birds, watching the fog rise into the sky, and waiting for another rain shower to come. I’ll finish off with a famous and well-known quote but one that describes my mindset and passions the best.

“Life isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass. It’s about learning how to dance in the rain.” — Vivian Greene

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