Hues of Sunset Colors on the Sky

Anne Bonfert

Another spectacular twilight scene
Sunset above the cityKjartan Bø/ Unsplash

It has been a hot day. Blue skies all around and temperatures in the thirties (Celcius). I’ve been sweating and feeling tired. Maybe it had to do with the amount of time I spend today sitting and driving in an overheated car.

But now I’m getting to enjoy this lovely summer evening. Sitting on my grandma’s balcony, I’m watching the sun disappearing behind the buildings of the residential area.

Looking at the sky I expected a spectacular sunset scene due to the light clouds above the city.

Cirrostratus clouds are stretching above the horizon just where the sun had set a few minutes ago. Now those light clouds are getting painted in the most spectacular colors. It’s beautiful to watch. Hues of orange and purple are dominating the sky.
Birds are singing.
Not a breath of wind is to be felt. The treetop of the tree in front of her balcony is as high as I am now. I can see the leaves against the clear sky. I could capture them without a stabilization feature in my camera. That’s how still the air is.
Colorful skyAnne Bonfert/ Shutterstock

The sky is currently exploding. I had to put my tablet aside and pick up my camera again. Switch lenses to get close-up shots of this intense red and orange spectacle of colors on the sky and get the entire scene on the picture as well.

The blue is right now at the maximum contrast to the bright shades of orange. It’s magical. I keep on lifting my eyes from the screen while typing. Just to take in all the beauty. Knowing it will be gone just as quickly as it appeared I’m embracing the show to its fullest.
Sunsets are to die for. And this one right here shows once again it doesn’t matter where you are. For sure it’s nice to watch the sun setting in the sea. And for sure it is beautiful to capture the sunset with palm trees on the sides.

But that doesn’t mean a sunset in the city can’t be magical at all. It all depends on your mindset. It depends on if you’re willing to see the beauty of a sunset in the city. It’s easy to enjoy a sunset on the beach. You’re on holiday, you’re in a good mood and relaxed. For sure you are going to enjoy watching the sun set because that’s what we do on vacations, right?

But who takes the time back home to stop doing whatever you were doing and watch a sunset from the porch, the balcony, or just a window? Not that many people I would claim.

But this sunset right here and now should be convincing enough that it is worth it. It is worth stopping for a moment and just embracing this special time of the day when the sun sets and paints the sky like the most talented artist on earth.

Because that is what she is.

The sun is an artist. A very popular one too! And like every famous artist has the sun inspired countless writers, artists, and nature lovers to get creative and write, paint, or talk about the beauty of it.

As I am writing this, I can watch the color vanishing from the sky. Step by step the brightness is disappearing from the sky. The intensity of the colors is getting removed. It’s getting darker.

I can hear the highway. It’s a busy one but the sound reaching me doesn’t let me judge the traffic on the road. It’s the package that reaches me, not the sounds of single cars.
The first lights are switching on and the birds are quieting.

It is just past 10 p.m. on a lovely summer evening in Germany. The sun has set and most of the colors painting the clouds a few minutes ago have vanished. Peace and tranquillity are filling my soul.

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