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A Magical Transformation of Nature

Anne Bonfert

When the flower is the artist

Anemone WitheredAnne Bonfert

I have been fascinated by the variety and beauty of flowers for a few years now. But I never paid attention to them once they withered. The moment a flower dropped its blossoms it lost my attention.

But then I posted pictures of this lovely Anemone a few weeks ago when a friend of mine commented on my piece. She just recommended keeping a lookout for them when they are done blooming.

Anemone PulsatillaAnne Bonfert

She said the withered flowers are a great photography object. I had no idea what to expect and forgot already where in the village I took these pictures. But as luck was on my side, one of my neighbors had some of them presented in the garden towards the roadside.

My first discovery was therefore finding this anemone in a second color. After seeing them in purple I found now the white ones as well.
She starts to wither...Anne Bonfert

But no sign of the spectacular photographic objects my friend was talking about.

Or am I mistaken?

The first sign of witheringAnne Bonfert

Once the petals dropped, the flower enters a second phase of presenting its very own artwork. A totally different display of beauty.

The blossom first closes within itself before she opens up all those fine string-like seeds.
Anemone PulsatillaAnne Bonfert

She opens up and explodes into a furry ball.

Or a spiky flower head.

Or how my friend described it as “a silky looking fringe”.

Anemone PulsatillaAnne Bonfert

Now, I do understand what she was talking about. This is incredible.

Incredibly beautiful.

Looking at this flower head now from close by, it reminds me of a fairytale. A fairytale-like life, somewhere deep in the forests. I am no fiction writer but if there’s one out there reading this, feel free to take these magical beauties as an inspiration for your next piece.

And thank you so much to my friend for inspiring me to this post.

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