A White Layer on Nature’s Beauty Instead of a White Wedding

Anne Bonfert

Spending time in nature on our wedding day

  • Credit: Anne Bonfert

It should have been a day to celebrate. To celebrate the wedding of my husband and me. But the world had different plans. A pandemic happened. So we adapted. And still made it a day to celebrate.

To celebrate something you don’t need lots of people around you. Nature is enough to celebrate the beauty of life. And that is what we did today. We spent time in nature.

  • Credit: Anne Bonfert

I would never have been wearing a white wedding dress anyway. So I obviously didn’t buy one. Being in 2020 I knew as well this celebration would most probably not going to take place. Our wedding.

Yellow is my color. Whatever dress I would have chosen it would have been yellow. But instead of a dress, I was wearing today a few layers of clothes walking through nature. It was really cold.

The temperatures were below freezing point and nature painted the landscape with a white paintbrush. Very gentle. But it’s clearly white. Morning frost. Morning frost that stayed the whole day.

  • Credit: Anne Bonfert
These leaves are having a white line on their edges. Like a sugar rim on a glass of a frozen Margarita. It’s art. Nature has been creative in these cold hours. Nature is the best artist I know.

And all I have to do is capture its artwork with my camera. Having an eye for the beauty in the little things, I often walk around looking at the floor. That’s where most of the creativity is to be found.

  • Credit: Anne Bonfert
The last flowers of the season have gotten surprised. Surprised by the cold. Still shining in bright colors they received a white topping. Tiny crystals are hanging on the blossoms.

I admire nature as an artist. There is so much artwork out here. Created overnight. The only tool needed was temperatures below the freezing point. Due to some rain the previous day there was enough moisture on the plants which would turn into a layer of ice.

  • Credit: Anne Bonfert
Ground-cover plants are covered in ice crystals. A boring green-colored weed is all of a sudden a beauty on the grassland. Just open your eyes and you’ll find beauty all around you.

Even on a day like today. Where we should have been the ones covered in white layers of crystals. Or roses. It doesn’t matter. We still embrace the beauty of the day. Thanks to nature.

  • Credit: Anne Bonfert
Spiders are tough workers out there. They are artists too. Whilst we normally try to get rid of all their work created I admire them today. Spiderwebs. Frozen, thanks to the moisture in the air.

Single strings hanging from one branch to another. Connecting seeds on a bush shining in colors during summer. Now all that is shining on the bush are the spiderwebs covered in ice crystal. Isn’t it beautiful?


Credit: Anne Bonfert

And that is how we spent our wedding day. Instead of celebrating with lots of people, food, and wine we had ice crystals, frozen marigolds, and spiderwebs decorating the day.

Not bad at all, right?

Sometimes different isn't bad at all. Different can be beautiful too. It can be interesting and fascinating. Something you'll remember. For later. Those ice crystals and spider webs covered in a white layer are definitely something I am going to remember. Together with the photographs, I took they will remain part of this special day.

Anyone else who had a different kind of wedding in the last few months?

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