Winter Survival

Anne Bonfert

Flowers who don’t seem to mind the cold
  • Credit: Anne Bonfert

Nature always has something beautiful to offer. In every season. In every month. Despite the weather, you will always find beauty out there. And I love it. To watch nature smiling.

Nature’s smiles are flowers.

“Colors are the smiles of nature.” — Leigh Hunt

The last days of November I will be spending on the southern hemisphere. It’s going to be summer there. That is why I will probably fit better into the topic of summer celebration. But only once I’m there.
  • Credit: Anne Bonfert

Preparing for winter

Until the end of the month, I am preparing for winter. I will bring all my belongings under the roof. Packed up in boxes they will spend the winter months in the attic.

My suitcase for summer will be packed with climbing and skydiving equipment. I won’t be taking clothes with me. Living on two continents I’ve got a cupboard full of clothes in both places. Nothing I am proud of. But I am trying to reduce my belongings every year.

The path to minimalism is far. Especially as an adventure seeker like myself. Sports equipment takes up most of my space. But that is part of me.
  • Credit: Anne Bonfert


What is nature doing to prepare for winter? Looking at this lovely garden around the house I am surprised how many flowers are still in full bloom. They defy the cold.

These flowers of autumn do not prepare for winter in a way we do. They give their best. They push as hard as they can as long as possible. Until the frost hits them they will bloom.

What comes next is what looks like dying plants. Their leaves will freeze and die eventually. But their roots stay alive. And the following year they will grow again.
  • Credit: Anne Bonfert


Confronting these grey days the flowers bloom in the brightest colors. Ignoring the cold and wet surroundings they try to shine in their best way possible. While others are preparing already for winter they just started their best days of the year.

I love these colors in November. While everyone describes the month as grey and dark there is more to see in it. Me neither, just like the flowers, I am not getting dressed in black and grey. I wear my colorful coats all year round.

Because why not?
  • Credit: Anne Bonfert

Meeting friends

Preparing for winter will also mean I have to visit a few friends before I move across the globe again. I don’t have many left. As it goes when you start living an unconventional life. But those few I have left are good ones.

You don’t need many friends in life. A handful is more than enough. As long as you can be true to yourself while spending time with them. You should be at the same level and understand each other’s problems.

I can meet one of these friends after two years not seeing them and it would feel like we just saw each other yesterday. That’s what I love about our friendship. Whenever we see each other we just continue wherever we left off before.

So yes, I am looking forward to seeing them again!

Roses remind me of good friends. I will always be drawn to the same type of roses. Yellow, orange-colored ones. Unremarkable and hidden from the shiny, big ones. Yet these are the valuable ones for me
  • Credit: Anne Bonfert


It is interesting to see how different people prepare for the upcoming months. Not only due to being in different climate zones. But also people from the same zone will act differently.

The ones are getting all prepared for months spent on their couch in front of the fireplace while others get their sports gear out ready to hit the slopes and explore nature during the cold months.

There are only two types of winter people. Those who love winter and start to thrive as soon as the first snowflakes touch the ground and those who hide in their houses as soon as the temperatures drop below ten degrees Celsius.

You’re in either of these two categories. There is no in-between in winter.
  • Credit: Anne Bonfert


I am wondering where I would put my focus in winter if I would stay. What would I be trying to capture? I don’t know. I haven’t spent winter in Germany for six years now. My last winters were spent somewhere sunny and hot.

I guess I would try to get a close-up of a snowflake. If snow would arrive. If not I might be wandering through rainy fields of no life to be found. Or not? Maybe there would be a life I could capture in winter. I won’t figure that one out this year.
  • Credit: Anne Bonfert


While the days become shorter and my time to be active shortens I tend to get distracted easier. Looking at these flowers I am forcing myself to write this article inspired by their beauty.

Because their beauty is indeed breathtaking.

Ignoring my mom’s words shouting into the phone trying to reach her friend I keep on typing. I guess it’s time for dinner. I should probably get up and set the table. But no, focus one last time and finish this piece of work finally.
  • Credit: Anne Bonfert


This will be an interesting month with lots of planning to do to get the change of scenery I am waiting for. I will be packing yellow summer dresses and my climbing harness. A camera with lots of empty SD-cards ready to get filled.

Yes, excitement for the summer celebration is my type of winter survival.

“Count the garden by the flowers, never by the leaves that fall. Count your life with smiles and not the tears that roll.” — Rishika Jain’s Inspirations

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