Fire at Kalamazoo Home Injures One Person

Anne Bonfert

Credit: Kalamazoo Local News

It is the worst nightmare of us all. Having a fire in the house. Needing to wait for the firefighters to hopefully kill the fire. While most of our belongings or the entire house burn down.

A fire can be something scary. When unplanned. Or out of control. Most fires causing the firefighters to roll in have started in a planned fire. A candle someone lit. A plate on the oven got turned on. A campfire that got lit in the wild to create an ambiance and keeps you warm. And many other causes which ended in disasters.

But at one point they became out of control. Maybe a spark flew over. Onto a tree. Something that wasn't supposed to burn. Who knows. Maybe someone wasn't paying attention. Which usually is the case. It's dangerous. Very.

Especially last year fires have caused lots of damage around the world. The fires in Australia but also those destroying the Amazon rain forest stayed in the news for months. And here in the US, we fight every year several breakouts of wildfires. It's harsh.

Meanwhile being able to light a fire changed our lives. Way back in history. Before any of us were born or books were written. When the cavemen invited the fire to cook meat they stepped up onto another level in evolution. Having fire not only to prepare meals and get warm on cold days, but the fire was also used to keep predators away.

This all is thousands of years ago. We have taken a path in development that can't be stopped. We evolve further and have created more luxurious ways to create meals and keep our houses warm. Open flames are more seldom something we see in our daily lives. And it becomes more something we fear.

Unless we are actually making a barbeque in the wild using wood to make coals for cooking the meat we don't really get in contact with the fire. Unless we let something get out of control. We don't pay attention and all of a sudden everything is on fire.

This is exactly what happened to a man in Kalamazoo on Thursday evening the 11th of March when a gas lamp fell over in his home. He called the firefighters who came in to fight the fire covering the house. The flames reached high and caused overhead powerlines to fall onto the street.

The whole scenario reached a different level. The power had to get cut off from Consumers Energy so that the firefighters could continue their work. They managed, in the end, to put out the fire. The neighborhood between Phelps Avenue and Charles Avenue stayed out of power for a while.

One person got injured and had to get transported to the hospital. Except for that, only material damage had been reported. However, this incident will leave the whole neighborhood of Kalamazoo in shock. Seeing those flames reaching higher and higher and smelling the smoke of burning material is something they won't forget so quickly.

I hope most of them got away with a shock. Something to be reminded of again in the future when handling an open flame. Look out for inflammable materials in the surroundings and avoid anything from catching fire. Avoid being distracted or inattentive when having a fire and make sure to put it off completely before going to bed. Doing these precautions should prevent further fires from appearing in your neighborhood.

A fire is nothing to play with or joke about. Take it seriously and react quickly if it gets out of control. Don't hesitate to call the Kalamazoo Department of Public Safety to send out firefighters when needed.


West Michigan News on 12th of March

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