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You've all heard it before. In the radio. Or read it in the news. People standing on a highway bridge throwing rocks onto the incoming vehicles. And yet it is something sounding so innocent with the most dangerous outcomes. It is something I never understood.

Why would anyone want to kill an unknown person?

Because that is what you are risking when throwing rocks down onto a highway. Those rocks shattering the windshield of someone's car and in the worst case leading to this person's death. It sounds very harsh. But unfortunately, that is how I have to put it.

How else are we going to stop adults and innocent teens from challenging each other doing this dangerous activity? There are certain things in life people do to prove their bravery. Challenges that make them look stronger. Especially people with low self-esteem and hidden lack of self-confidence tend to fall for those silly jokes.

Because that is all it should be. A joke. A joke nobody ever would consider doing in real life. But the reality looks different. Regularly, our radio stations have to warn us about people standing on bridges throwing stones onto vehicles driving on the highway. Putting innocent people in danger and ruining some family's lives forever.

There are so many other challenges you can come up with to prove your bravery. Challenges that don't involve other people. Challenges that don't cause victims. Challenges that are challenging but safe. For outsiders. I am not going to suggest anything. Use your own creativity. But think about the consequences in case something goes wrong. Think about how it would change your life or other's people's lives if something doesn't go as planned.

I am talking about challenges. Bets. But I don't actually know why people do such stupid activities. Maybe they have totally different reasons why they are throwing stones onto the highway. I don't know it. I would love to. To erase this kind of danger from this planet. It's avoidable.

Whatever the reason is. Overthink the consequences before picking up that rock. You are facing life-long jail time if someone gets killed in this accident. In a case where a man got killed in such an incident in 2017 in Flint, Michigan 5 teenagers pleaded guilty are were facing charges like manslaughter and second-degree murder.

Sounds harsh? Guess what? It is. But it is the only way to punish such behavior. This innocent man won't come back alive and his relatives are scarred for life. More cars were damaged on the day these children were throwing rocks onto Interstate 75 in Vienna Township. Luckily the other drivers remained uninjured.

Coming back to the latest incident on the Battle Creek overpass. A truck driver got his windshield shattered when getting hit by a rock. Two men were standing on a bridge above the interstate highway throwing stones onto the Interstate 94 in Calhoun County.

The police is still investigating this case. They are looking for any information on these two men standing on the bridge on the 10th of March just before 3:30 p.m. If you have seen anything please contact the local Police Marshall of Kalamazoo on 269-558-0500.

And if you should ever see some teenagers or adults standing on the bridge looking suspicious about picking up stones don't hesitate to confront them and call the police. This is a serious crime that has to get stopped in his roots before more tragedies happen. I do hope to hear less about people throwing rocks onto highways in radio stations in the future. This is something that shouldn't be a problem in our world filled with problems to solve.


Kalamazoo News on 12th of March 2021

West Michigan News on 12th March 2021

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