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How to Change Your Perspective in Life - New York City

Anne Bonfert

Change your perspective for a wider view onto life

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Change your perspective but keep the focus. Or change your perspective and find a new focus. It sounds complicated but it is rather simple. To understand other people and their actions it is necessary to try out a different perspective.

“If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.” — Dr. Wayne Dyer


It’s just like in photography. We all have the preferred perspective we’re shooting in. It gives great results and is quick to shoot at. But if we’re up for some experiments we might get even better results. And with a bit of practice in it, it won’t take much longer either.

Being flexible and open to changes gives you a lot of opportunities. Climb on a tree or a wall and shoot from there. Go down on your knees and put the camera on the floor. Shoot out of this position.

It will offer you a different view of the objects you are shooting. Things that might have appeared trivial can light up in the photograph. Just because of a different perspective.


Taking photographs from different perspectives of objects in nature will make you understand more about them. A simple pollinator can all of a sudden be the only creature left in nature. If placed accordingly in front of the camera.

When in nature it always depends on who you are comparing the creature with. If you compare it with its predator or an animal below itself on the ladder. That will make a big difference in how we see it.

The perspective can also change distances. Distances between creatures appear bigger when looked at it at a certain angle.


On days like these where people have strong beliefs regarding their political mindset or view onto the pandemic, it is important to not lose the focus. We fight too quickly with someone having a different opinion. It is good having an opinion about something but it shouldn’t go that far that you don’t accept any other opinions around you.

As long as the others do not threaten your life just have a look at their perspective. Maybe it will widen your horizon and give you a chance to see different things in life. Which doesn’t mean you have to give up your opinion.

The focus should remain on everyone’s wellbeing. Everyone should be able to earn money, have a roof to sleep under, and something to eat on the table. Nobody should be scared for his life when leaving the house.

Final words

By changing your perspective on life you give yourself the chance to grow. Whenever we get to interact with other people and learn about their lives we do grow. It might help our happiness if we step back and look from a different point of view onto our life.

We learn to appreciate things differently. Or we learn to appreciate different things. Those two are not the same. Appreciating what we have in life can bring us to a new level of happiness.

Where does your focus in life lie on? Do you think you limit yourself with the way you placed the focus? Or are you rather open and allow yourself to grow in other areas as well? Think about it. Widen your horizon by stepping back and looking at your own achievements from a different angle. This might help you to grow. To grow in those areas you are struggling in so far.

How do you connect with nature living in New York City? Let me know in the comments below what your thoughts are!

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