We Are Not in the Same Boat

Anne Bonfert

So don't say we are all in this together!

Credit: Anne Bonfert

Don't say we are all in this together. Because we are not. It is a hard time for all of us. Yes. But we are not all in the same boat. We are in a lot of different boats. Some do steer their own boats. Or even their yacht. And some get dragged behind someone's boat.

Some people work normal. Just as they did before. Some work double. Some lost their job. Some don’t care. Because they do have savings. Some sit back and do nothing. Others complain. All the time. Some just started. Getting active. Trying to do anything to earn money. To learn more. To grow as a person.

And some don’t have anything. Not a cent. Not a bread crumb on the table. How can you say you are in the same boat with them while being covered in a blanket lying on your comfy couch? While this person is freezing to death under some bridge in Europe or is fighting the unforgiving heat of Africa.

Between all of this are those people who dedicate their lives to help those in need. They spread Hope. Hope to those who want to give up. Because they have nothing. No future. These people inspire me. Their energy. Their motivation. It’s amazing.

Hope is actually a small word with a huge meaning behind it. With a big variety of meanings. You can hope that the weather will stay like this. You can hope that you will have a good year. And some people hope to have something on the table tonight. I want to bring more hope to these people. Hope that they will get through this. Hope that they do have a future. Everyone deserves to believe in a future.

Hope is the only thing stronger than fear.
Robert Ludlum

But was this all necessary? Do we need all this chaos? Restrictions of my and your daily life. It took lots of people the possibility to earn their daily bread. All those unregistered workers. All those day workers. What do they do now? With no options to earn money. With no support from the government? What are they supposed to do?

Honestly I wish these restrictions never happened. They might work in first world countries. Or they don't. As we see at the moment. But they definitely don’t work in third world countries. They don’t work in Africa. The lock-down does more harm than good.

You can't tell people to stay at home and avoid social meetings when they live int he townships with more than ten people in a small room. How are you supposed to spend weeks on such small living space without any way to escape.

More people die because of the lock-down than because of the virus. Suicide rates go up because people are desperate. People don’t have hope anymore and give up. A big number of children, woman and men are locked in right now with their physical abusers. Domestic abuse is still a topic that especially now should be a concern of the society.

There are people who were sober and slip now back to drugs or alcohol. Because of the hopeless situation they are in. The mental health of a big part of the community is in danger. Being locked in a small place and being restricted in movement will damage the mental strength of most of us.

The people in South Africa are so desperate that they are burning down schools. SCHOOLS. The only way out of this. Education. The only way out of this tragedy. Their only hope. They are destroying their hope. To get attention. It’s horrible.

I don't say this virus doesn't exist. I just say that the restrictions governments use at the moment don't work. Numbers are going up. Despite the lockdowns. So maybe lockdowns aren't the answer?

African Proverb

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