Happiness is Enjoying the Little Things in Life

Anne Bonfert

Flowers and the search for beauty in life

Credit: Anne Bonfert

It sounds very easy yet it is very powerful. A simple shift of the mindset can create the prettiest smiles on our faces. And make us happy. We just have to stop looking for all the bad in life and focus instead on the small things in life.

A tiny flower on the pavement. A butterfly in front of the window. A bird catching a fish. A squirrel hiding its hazelnut. A neighbor keeping the door open for you.

There are many of them. Moments in life that make us smile. Don’t just ignore them. Take a deep breath. Inhale the moment. Smile. With a visible smile on your face from one ear to another. And all of a sudden your walk becomes lighter. Your worries become less. And your day seems all of a sudden more relaxed.

Because of a simple smile about a small thing in life.

That is how you create happiness.

Create happiness in your own life.

Credit: Anne Bonfert


For me, it’s easiest to create this feeling of happiness when I carry my camera with me. It’s not the smallest camera. But it’s my everything. Lately, I’ve left it behind a few times. And always did regret it. Of course, we all have a cell phone these days. And any electronic device can take not only simple photographs but some quite good ones too. But it’s not the same for me.

It’s not the same if I pick up my camera and capture a shot or if I take a picture with my cell phone, tablet, or the GoPro. Not only the results vary a lot, but also the process is different.

The process of spotting an object, a scene, or something worth capturing is way more intense when I carry my camera with me. The look through the lens takes longer. Taking my time to adjust the settings. And the outcome on the screen gives me input for the next action. Either to take another shot of the object if it wasn’t good enough — or to smile. Because the shot was better than I expected.

And that is why I love photography. Photography is a passion of mine. A passion that brings me joy. And happiness.

In order to create good photographs in my daily life, I have to look for the beauty in the small things in life. And I love doing that. I love creating art out of these small things. Those things others would walk past, trip over, or don’t notice at all.

Because those things are my key to success.

Credit: Anne Bonfert


When I talk about the beauty in the small things you usually get photographs of flowers, butterflies, or other objects out of nature. There are obviously many more topics in life where you can look for beauty. Even in architecture, you can find such joy.

But for me, nature stands above everything. My parents raised me as an active girl who got taught from a young age about the importance of nature. I learned to appreciate and live with nature in harmony. And that is the reason why I focus on it as well in photography.

Sunflowers are one of my favorite flowers. For two reasons. Because they are such powerful plants attracting not only various insects but also birds. And because they are yellow. If the sunflower has a touch of orange on its leaves it makes it even more beautiful. The more colors the better.

Credit: Anne Bonfert


Some flowers have a bigger meaning for certain people. Like this small beauty. It’s my grandma’s favorite. I even wrote an entire article on it. Every time I see one of these blue beauties I do have to think of her. And I think that is beautiful.

It doesn’t have to be a flower. It can be a certain animal, a building, or an entire country. Certain things in life have a deeper connection for some people and remind them of something or someone. In particular.

Keep those memories. Keep those stories about small, meaningless things in life that once meant something to you. They aren’t meaningless at all. They are part of those small things in life that make us smile. By reminding us of someone special.

“Everyone is so focused on being a savage, busy, and acting heartless these days. Meanwhile, I’m searching for the humans that believe in compassion, love, and human connection.” — Sylvester McNutt
Credit: Anne Bonfert


Everyone knows that red roses represent love. The love between two human beings. But red roses aren’t the connection for every couple. They simply represent in our culture the beauty of love.

In every relationship, there are (often small) things in our daily life that remind us of our partner. Objects which have created a connection between the two of us. The meaning and understanding of the connection to this object are unknown to any outsider. Yet so important for these two people.

And these objects which represent your love make you smile too. They are part of the happiness in your life. So don’t ignore them. Keep them alive. Keep them secret or not. But protect the connection. With a smile on your face.

“There is only one happiness in life, to love and to be loved.” — George Sand
Credit: Anne Bonfert


Water has been attracting humans ever since. Water is the key to any life on earth. So it is kind of obvious water also should be connected to our happiness. And it is.

Looking at this waterlily floating on a little pond I do think about so many other things in life. Things I did in, on, and underwater. From taking a boat ride across the ocean to swimming in a lake in the mountains and walking through a small river there are many memories around water.

And there are so many more options to make beautiful memories around water today. Take the moment with you. Embrace the rain dropping on your face instead of swearing at the fact it is raining. Listen to the waves crashing on the beach. The sound of the waves might be something so simple yet so beautiful.

Open your eyes. Look for water. And look for the beauty in the water.


Credit: Anne Bonfert

The color yellow

Yellow is my happy color. I can find happiness in anything that is yellow. After more than a decade of being possessed by the beauty of yellow, I’ve gotten to a point where spotting something yellow will bring a smile on my face. Any time.

Friends will often send me a picture of something yellow. A yellow dress they saw in the shop, a yellow flower, or a yellow car. With this “fetish” of mine, I got that far all my friends will think of me when seeing something yellow.

That makes me smile.

And it makes them smile too.

Yellow is simply such a happy color for me. When I would have to draw happiness there would be lots of yellow involved. I can promise you that. I would even go that far and say yellow represents the word happiness. But I guess people will argue about that.

However, yellow helped me smile more often every day. And it helped my friends to smile more often too!

I did write an article a while back about the color yellow and my connection to it. It took off from the beginning and stayed until today the article with the most traffic.

I hope I could create a smile on your face with this article. At least for a moment. I simply love to share and spread happiness. I see things differently because I do look at things differently. I often see them better than they are. That is what makes me a happier person.

“Happiness is a state of mind. It’s just according to the way you look at things.” — Walt Disney

I want you to be happy too. There are obvious moments in life where we are not happy. But there are so many things in life that can bring a smile onto our face. And those things do count. They will make a difference. Collect those moments. Because we all deserve to be happy.

“You deserve to be happy. You deserve to live a life you are excited about. Don’t let others make you forget that.” — @lifehacks

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