Simple Morning Habits for Weight Loss and Energy

Anna Murphy
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In order to lose weight, you need to be active, and you can only be active if you have enough energy to do so. In fact, weight loss and energy expenditure are so closely linked that I have provided you all with six steps that you can follow each morning when you wake up. Remember, the more energized you are, the more fat you can burn.
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1. Consume protein: When we eat enough protein, both our brain and stomach feel as if they have been well nourished. As a result, we don't feel as hungry and are therefore less likely to resort to snacking later in the day. This is the perfect excuse to have eggs for breakfast, as eggs are simply packed with bio-available protein, which means that your body utilizes it better than other sources, such as meat.

2. Chocolate: Now I am referring here to dark chocolate and not something unhealthy, such as a Snickers bar. The reason for this is because chocolate contains an alkaloid called "theobromine," which is similar in its effect on the body to caffeine. Now, when selecting an appropriate brand of dark chocolate, try to find one with the highest cocoa content, as the higher the content, the better it is for you. Theobromine will also help give your metabolism a kick-start in the morning.

3. Coffee: The trick with coffee is keeping it as healthy as you possibly can. If you can drink it black, this is perfect, but if this is too difficult to stomach, you can minimize the amount of sugar and swap regular milk for skim milk.

4. Wake Up Early: Having a set routine and, more importantly, waking up early, has been shown to improve a person's chances of losing weight dramatically. When we have a routine in place, we are far less likely to go off track and to keep doing what we should be doing. Also, having recharged batteries is essential for peak performance, especially if you are exercising daily.

5. Crunchy Breakfast: Eating something crunchy, or even chewy for that matter, will help to wake up your facial muscles in the morning, which will in turn make you feel more alert. This is also a great excuse to start your day with some healthy yet crunchy fruit, such as an apple or a carrot. Carrots, by the way, are great for weight loss and energy boosting, as they have a very low GI and will give you sustained energy throughout the day.

6. Make Your Bed: Aside from the obvious benefits of being tidy and organized, making your bed in the morning and shaking your sheets around a bit will get your heart rate up and get you ready for the day.

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It is easy to see why weight loss and energy reserves are so important. If we neglect to address this issue in the morning, you will feel the effects for the whole day. These 6 simple rituals will help you ensure that you have the energy you need to power through your days and your workouts.

Stay consistent. Keep going. You got this.

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