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Author and creative Darick Spears has some insights on "how to reignite your spark when you feel creative burnout." It's advice we all can use.

Since childhood, Spears has processed the world through his notebook--dreaming up new ideas, analyzing the world around him, and making magic from the mundane. Now as an adult, Spears turns his ideas into books, plays, films, hip-hop albums, and poems.

He shares his insights with NewsBreak.
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NewsBreak: Content creators find themselves always on the hunt for new content, but it can be overwhelming. Can you give three tips on how not to get overwhelmed?

Darick Spears: 1) Have fun! It can be the most challenging to be inspired and develop content when it feels like an arduous task. Take a step back to reminisce and remind yourself of your passion. The refresher and reinforcement of why you do what you do can be the catalyst to help you become re-inspired. Through fresh eyes, you will be able to recognize that content is everywhere.

Tip 2) Know your expertise and pick your flavor. Content is like ice cream. There are so many varieties to choose from. From standard flavors to new and exciting spins, it's up to you to pick the one that suits you and your customers best. Each of us has an eye toward what resonates with us and how such content would be received by our key customers. When sifting through what may seem like information overload, it’s important for content creators to remember their specialty. Focus on the inspiration that showcases your unique perspective and allows your voice as a creator to shine through. The result can be a new flavor of content that can drive the next wave of trends and inspiration.

Tip 3) Customize your content. Content is created in so many ways. Be sure to understand the audiences of each platform from which you highlight your content. Audience behavior can shift from medium to medium. From digital v. traditional to text v. multimedia, each audience can consume your content differently. You should always customize your content creations to ensure it best fits the medium and most importantly, your audience.

NewsBreak: Can you give 5 steps to get your vibe back when you have creative burnout?

Darick Spears: Creative burnout can feel like a major setback to content creatives. It can feel like a creative block with the potential to impact your bottom line. It can be brought on due to any number of reasons, but the frustration it can cause can often seem overwhelming. There are multiple steps creatives can take to get back in the grove.

1. Take a break. If possible, take a step away from work for a bit. Whether it's a day, a week or more, sometimes shifting your focus to other things besides work can help you get recalibrated, revitalized and refresh your thoughts.

2. Change your environment. Sometimes being in the same place can make you feel and become complacent. A new environment carries a new energy and new inspiration. From changing where you work in your own home to working from a public space or different office room, a change of environment can be just the jumpstart you need.

3. Empty your cup! Sometimes you need to start from scratch. This is one of the hardest things to do as creatives can be stuck in their ways - leveraging established formulas that have proven successful. Abandon your old ideas to make room for new ideas! It can be scary, but the benefit of seeing options you may not have seen before can outweigh the fear, yield greater success and get you out of your creative rut.

4. Buy a new notebook. Whenever I get creative burnout as a writer – I buy a new notebook. This helps me feel like I am starting a new project. This is like resetting my creativity. If you are a painter, buy a new brush or canvas. This can be effective in any area or career.

5. Let it flow. Creativity should never be forced. It should be sporadic. So, sit back and let it come to you.

NewsBreak: What do you like the most about what you do?

Darick Spears: I love that I am able to use my gifts as an Ultimate Creator- to provide inspiration, teardown barriers and share my stories with the world. Through my content, I am able to find commonalities across cultures, be introduced to new ways of thinking and let my creativity soar. There are no borders to the imagination and I am incredibly thankful that I have the opportunity to reach farther and farther everyday.

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