Overcoming Mom Guilt - Be Gentle With Yourself

Anjali Wadhwa

The expression “Mom Guilt” is for real. Since a baby is born, there is a constant voice in your head telling you that what you are doing for your baby is just not enough. If you are a working mom, you will feel like you should be there for the baby. If you are staying at home to take care of your baby, you will feel that you should be putting in more effort for your baby. It's not only a personal thing, sometimes it happens due to societal judgments as well.


Here are few proven ways by which you can overcome mom guilt.

1. Stop comparing your motherhood journey

Motherhood is a challenging journey. It's different for everyone. In today's time, Instagram and Pinterest paint good pictures and motivate moms to set idyllic goals. Do not get carried away by them. All moms go through different situations that you cannot see. Also the moms who seem to be perfect can be completely different behind the cameras. Focus on yourself and your child.

2. Ignore judgement

When someone passes a comment on how you are raising your child or judge your parenting skills in any way, just ignore them. It's not them who is important for your child. If ignoring is not easy for you, remember that they are speaking from their perspective and it might be based on their experience.. Times change! You have to make decisions for your child and it's only you who understands what's best for them.

3. Find support and talk about it

If there is a certain guilt or disappointment that is bothering you, share it with the right person. This person can be a close friend, your life partner, your mother or your doctor. You need to take it out of your heart. It's always good to ask for help when needed. This is a part of self care as well.

4. Lower the bar of expectations

Yes, there are a lot of expectations you set for yourselves as a mom. You feel like providing the best nurturing to your child to help them attain their milestones. Moms get worried if their child skips a meal or stops reciting the things that were taught to them earlier. Give your child some space and time. Do not doubt your upbringing or mannerism. It's not always necessary that you have to be creative and crafty to keep your child busy with learning activities. You have your own way of helping your child attain their milestones. Also every child is different.


5. Hire help, if possible

Managing a child while you have to do other tasks or go for office work can be quite stressful. Relieve yourself from it and if it's possible hire a caretaker to look after the baby. If you are a stay at home mom, and house chores seem overwhelming, hire help for things like cooking, washing and cleaning. If you have the right kind of help, you will get enough time to relax yourself and spend quality time with your child.

6. Make some time for yourself

While taking care of your child, don’t forget about your interests and hobbies. Try to make some time for yourself and do what you truly enjoy. Also, you need to rest and relax to feel rejuvenated. Try self care activities. This will also help in creating a positive atmosphere for you. Be gentle with yourself.

7. Practice Gratitude

Practice gratitude as a routine. Write or remember about things that made you smile during the day. This brief moment that you will spend feeling thankful for what you have will promote mindfulness and help you see towards the brighter side.

Believe that you are stronger than you think.

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