A woman tries not to scream when she notices what her best friend is doing to her baby in public at a wedding

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In an article in The Mirror, a mother is traumatized after she hands over her baby daughter to her best friend to babysit at a wedding. At the wedding, she witnesses her best friend doing something to her child that violates the belief and trust she had in her friend.

The mother posted about the situation on social media to seek advice.

She explained that she had been very close to her best friend. Although the best friend did not have children of her own, she helped the woman out when her daughter was born and would also help babysit.

The best friend became like a nanny for her baby daughter. Thus, she had no qualms about handing over her baby to her friend to babysit during a wedding event.

The mother says,

"So we were at a mutual friend's wedding yesterday, and I was holding my daughter for quite some time since she hates strollers. My best friend came to me and offered to take her for a while so that I could take a break and go chat with some friends. I agreed and wholeheartedly thanked her.
"After twenty minutes or so, I come back to where we were, and she wasn't there. So I start looking for her in the garden, and she was literally nowhere to be found. Finally, after another ten minutes, I manage to find her."

When she saw her friend with the baby, she was so shocked, she tried not to scream.

The best friend was breastfeeding her baby daughter in public in full view of all the wedding guests.

The woman approached her friend and asked if they could speak in private. She asked her why she was breastfeeding her daughter.

The friend's response was to act in disbelief and behave like she was the injured party.

The woman couldn't believe what she was hearing. She felt that her baby had been violated and the best friend acted like it was completely normal and the right thing to do. She also found out that the friend had breastfed her baby previously in secret and without telling her.

Since the incident, the concerned mother has blocked her best friend and told her never to contact them again.

She has also shared her story on social media where commenters have sympathized with her and agreed that it was right to break off the friendship.

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