An employee takes a DNA test and finds out that the CEO is her half-brother. Then, her work becomes a nightmare

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In an article reported in The Mirror, a career woman reflects on her work and the nightmare she experienced after she found out that the CEO of her company was actually her half-brother.

The woman posted about the incident on social media.

It all started when her dad innocently bought the whole family DNA testing kits as a present.

After receiving the results of the DNA test, the woman was shocked to see her CEO's name listed as a half-sibling. She immediately realized the CEO would have also been notified of their connection.

Her fears were realized when she walked into work the next morning.

She was immediately asked to complete a refresher training course on nepotism. The training included a clause stating that,

'staff are not entitled to privileges personal or professional if familial relation by genes or marriage to executive or management staff is known or unknown or discovered during employment'."

The woman felt she was being targeted after she found out that it was only her department that had to undergo the training. She knew that the CEO was behind it and she thought that he was using HR against her.

However, it was not the only incident at work. She also started noticing that her work was being deleted from the company's drive. She explained the situation to her manager and she was told to save her work to an external drive.

Very soon, any messages she sent to clients or team members were also deleted instead of saved in the system. Someone had been accessing her work hardware equipment.

The Vice President of the company was notified of the "sabotage." Once they found out about the potential sabotage by the CEO against his half-sister, both parties were suspended from work.

Eventually, the CEO left the job after he was suspended while the woman was offered her job back but she decided to take a break.

The good news was that she received a generous severance package after she quit.

Later, she would find out that her father had served as an "unwitting donor" for a childless couple resulting in her half-brother being born.

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