When passengers mock a woman on a flight, he uses their luggage to get back at them

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In an article in the UK's Mirror, a man gets revenge on fellow plane passengers after they mock his wife in front of him.

According to the anonymous man, it all started when a woman sitting in front of his wife started to recline her seat. He noted that she was reclining her seat on purpose to make his wife uncomfortable.

He says,

"In front of my wife is some girl who is constantly reclining her seat, getting up, putting sit up. Basically in 10 minutes she did all that is possible with her seat,"

Meanwhile, the woman's husband was also watching as his wife was performing her "stunts" to make the person behind her as uncomfortable as possible. He did not say anything to his wife and seemed to enjoy her antics. Finally, the man had enough when he saw that both of them were laughing about it.

"In one moment I noticed that girl in front of her is smiling and communicating with her husband, and pointing at my wife. Like she's doing it intentionally. They don't know she's my wife and I'm watching my movie and acting cool."

It was probably at this point that he decided he had to take revenge for his wife's sake. When the plane landed, the man decided to enact his revenge.

He says,

"I stood up first, and blocked guy from grabbing his bags. I'm pretty big guy, and this dude is for one head smaller than me. I'm standing there acting cool, not giving him any space to pass me and grab bags. Other people are grabbing their luggage, people are ready to leave plane."

He stood his ground and blocked the passenger and his wife from leaving until everyone had left the plane. They left the plane last and both were very angry.

After the man had posted his airplane experience on social media, he received many comments of praise for standing up for his wife.

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