A man is stunned when he finds out that his old, damaged Rolex watch with replaced parts is still worth a ton of money

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An article in the UK's Manchester Evening News reveals what happened when a guest brought in a vintage Rolex watch for appraisal.

The Rolex watch was appraised at an Antiques Roadshow in Liverpool, UK.

The man who brought in the watch explained that it had once belonged to his stepfather and that the watch was even older than he was.

According to the antiques expert, the watch would have been created in the 1950s.

The model was the Rolex Oyster Perpetual Explorer and it was created to celebrate the successful ascent of the first people to Mount Everest.

However, the watch wasn't in the best condition. It was scratched up and the strap and the hands of the watch were not original but were service replacements.

The man who brought in the watch was still wearing and using the watch despite its age and condition.

So could a damaged Rolex with a scratched-up face be worth anything?

The antique expert valued the watch at a staggering price for its condition. He stated that in today's market, the watch would be valued between 7000 - 9000 pounds (approximately $8640 - $11,000).

A 1950s Rolex Oyster Perpetual Explorer in good condition could typically cost anywhere from around $8,000 to $20,000 or more, depending on its specific characteristics and the current market demand.

However, prices can vary widely based on many factors.

A broken Rolex watch may also still be valuable to collectors although its value will go down.

Moreover, antique and rare watches may increase in value over time.

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