A $160,000 fortune: It was a dirty-looking 10-pound rock until a man split it into two and found gold oozing all over

Anita Durairaj

Gold nuggetPhoto byJames St. John; CC-BY-2.0

It has been good luck for an amateur gold digger who found an enormous gold nugget worth 240,000 Australian dollars ($160,000 USD).

The rock was discovered in an area in Australia known as the Golden Triangle. The area is known for its rich history of gold mining.

The nugget was found by a man who chose to be anonymous. He used a metal detector to find the gold.

When the nugget was first found, the man had no clue that it was worth anything. It looked like any 10-pound rock.

It also looked rather dirty so he thought it would be better to split it into two to see if there was any gold inside. Once he broke the rock, he found gold oozing all over.

The anonymous man brought half of the split rock to a gold prospector. He wanted to know if there was enough gold in the half of the rock. He still did not think there was a lot of gold. He was just hoping that there would at least be $6,675 worth of gold in the half of the rock.

Little did he know, that the 10-pound rock actually contained 5.7 pounds of gold in total and that was worth $160,000.

Eventually, he brought the second half of the rock to the prospector and had the whole thing valued.

For the prospector, Darren Kamp, he had never seen a nugget oozing with so much gold. It was truly a once-in-a-lifetime find.

Most gold diggers may find rocks that look like they contain gold but most of the time, there is nothing inside.

The gold nugget worth $160,000 has been named "Lucky Strike Nugget."

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