Amazon delivery driver issues a message that customers who place orders every week should leave out snacks for drivers

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In an article in The Daily Dot, an Amazon worker issues a public service announcement targeted toward Amazon's most regular customers.

The woman who is also a TikToker went viral after she posted a video addressing those Amazon customers who order "every day, every other day, or damn near every week."

According to the worker, customers who order very frequently would have the same delivery driver. Some customers may even have a "bond" with their driver after placing so many orders.

Therefore, it would be prudent for those customers to leave out a snack for their Amazon driver.

The worker asks,

“Y’all see each other damn near every day, and you ain’t leaving no snacks?”

She concluded that customers who did not leave snacks for their driver were wrong. She also claimed that she herself was a driver for Amazon and some of her customers did indeed leave out snacks for her.

The worker's video did inspire Amazon customers to consider leaving snacks for their delivery drivers.

In the comments section of her video, the worker had several viewers agree that they needed to jump on the snack bandwagon as soon as possible.

However, others commented that they would do the opposite and not leave out any snacks.

One person claimed that they took it personally anytime the delivery agent threw their packages. Another person stated that they lived in an apartment building and it would be difficult to leave out snacks without having their neighbors steal them.

For some people, snacks were not a possibility because they used a locker. And a final reason was that Amazon drivers were getting paid so they needed to bring their own snacks.

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