Scientists claim that they know where aliens could be hiding in the universe

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An article in Live Science describes a potential hiding place for aliens in the universe.

Scientists published a study in March 2023 proposing that aliens could possibly exist in so-called "terminator zones."

According to a definition in Live Science, terminator zones exist because a planet has a light side and a dark side.

The light side and the dark side can be explained using the planet Earth. Imagine our planet being stuck in light on one side and complete darkness on the other.

For many exoplanets in the universe, there is a permanent light side and a permanent dark side. Earth's moon also has a permanent day and night side.

Scientists theorize that alien life could exist in the border between the light side and the dark side. These borders are called terminator zones. So far, humans don't have the capability of detecting what could be hiding in the border between the light and the dark side of an exoplanet.

There are planets that have a permanent night side and day side. In these types of planets, one side may always face a star.

Scientists have performed computer simulations to show that terminator zones on planets could have a significant amount of land but less water. There may not be many oceans like on Earth but there could be some water.

Instead, these planets could just have lakes or small bodies of water - enough to support life.

Currently, planet-hunting telescopes are being developed to help in the search for life in terminator zones.

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