A Victorian doll is said to be haunted after experts discover that its eyes and hair once belonged to a real person

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According to an article in The Mirror, a spooky doll became the subject of consternation for antique experts on the show, Bargain Hunt.

The antique show at the Newark Antiques Fair in Nottinghamshire, UK featured an expert from the Nottinghamshire Museum.

The expert brought in a collection of Victorian-era items that each held a chilling secret. One of the items was a "haunted" doll.

The doll was named George and his origin was reported to be Texas in the 1930s although the doll itself may have been created much earlier during Victorian times.

George was a special doll because he was made in memory of a loved one upon their death. George was probably named after the person who had passed away and he hid a chilling secret.

The doll was created with the glass eyes and hair of the person who had passed. This was done to keep the memory of the loved one close by.

Interestingly, George wasn't exactly harmless. The family who owned him started reporting that they were experiencing headaches and paranormal incidents with the doll around. Their eyes would also hurt when the doll was nearby.

They decided to take the doll to a medium who explained that George (referring to the person who had passed away) could not rest because he wanted his eyes and hair back - the eyes and hair that were glued to the doll, George.

Feeling spooked, the owners sent the doll to the Nottinghamshire Museum in the UK.

It is not known if the museum had tested the doll's eyes and hair to confirm that it indeed belonged to someone called George who once lived and died in Texas.

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