A man made a last desperate move to remove squatters from his home after the police and courts could not help

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An article in The Express reveals how a handyman, Flash Sheldon, was able to fool squatters living in his mother's California home.

The squatters had broken into the house after his mother moved out upon his father's death. She did not want to live there on her own.

Flash tried to put up the house for rent. He was approached by a woman who claimed she was a prison guard but she had no money or credit. Flash had to decline her application.

However, it did not stop the woman from moving in. She brought in a truckload of her belongings and then claimed that it was a mistake and that she would be getting rid of it.

That did not happen and the woman moved in without permission. There were other people who were also seen regularly moving in and out of the house.

Initially, Flash contacted the police about the squatters but they said they couldn't help. He had also heard horror stories about court cases taking months or years to evict squatters so he decided to take matters into his own hands.

He was successful but it was how he removed the squatters that was most interesting.

Flash revealed that the first step in his plan was to draw up a lease with his mother making him a legal resident of the home.

Then, he drove over to the house alone with his dog and a gun for safety. He waited in his car until the family of squatters left the house for the day.

He let himself into the house and filmed everything inside the house while installing security cameras throughout the house. His plan was to move into the house while the squatters were still living there.

The squatters approached him and he calmly told them that he was moving in and that they had to leave and remove all their belongings by a deadline or he would have them moved.

The threat worked and the squatters ended up leaving the home peacefully.

Still Flash warns that his approach may not always be the best in every situation involving squatters. He got lucky that his squatters were relatively peaceful and non-violent but that may not hold true for everyone.

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