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For three days, a man heard strange noises in his attic but he never expected to find a stranger living there

Anita Durairaj

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An article in The Express reports how a man heard strange noises up in his attic. When he finally had the courage to confront the source of the sounds, he was in for a huge surprise.

A man who was a resident of Washington, Davis Wahlman, had been hearing noises coming from his attic for the past three days.

One night after hearing the sound again, he "jumped" out of bed and set out to find the source of the noise.

When he got to the attic, he found that it was locked but he was even more surprised when he heard a woman's voice call out to ask him if he was Jimmy.

Davis did not know who Jimmy was but he confronted the woman living in his attic to ask her why she was in his home.

The woman who opened the door of the attic was a stranger and Davis had no idea how she got into his home.

The woman told him that the property was hers and that someone called Jimmy told her that she could live in the attic.

Davis had the woman wait while he decided to call the police. However, the woman escaped before the police got to his home.

Nothing appeared to have been stolen. Later, he found a fire escape ladder hanging from the deck of the house and a window screen that was broken into.

Davis changed all the locks on the property and took extra steps to ensure that the woman could not access his house again.

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