A Bali tourist is scared after she hears a sound inside her luggage: She finds an object and wonders if she is safe

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Yahoo News reports that a tourist from Bali had a rather unusual and scary experience after she found something creepy inside her luggage.

The Australian tourist, Emily Sinclair, flew from Sydney to Bali with her partner, Jane.

Three days after they arrived on the island, they found an item inside one of their luggage.

The discovery was made after they heard a strange noise that seemed to be emitted from their luggage.

The unusual sound was being emitted from a GPS tracking device.

After searching their luggage, they found an Apple AirTag hidden in the front zip of Jane's backpack. Neither of the women had owned any Apple products so their only conclusion was that someone else may have left it there intentionally.

The women claimed that they were terrified but they dismantled the tracker. When they dismantled it, they found a battery that was Indonesian in origin. It was clear that the tracker had not been placed in Australia.

The women were afraid that they were being targeted during their Bali holidays. However, they decided not to report the incident to the police and left the device behind when they left their hotel.

Both women are now cautioning other travelers to always check their luggage. They have posted their experience on Facebook.

Apple AirTags and other tracking devices are easy to hide due to their small size so a thorough check of the luggage will need to be done.

However, there is also the possibility that the AirTags may have accidentally fallen from someone else's luggage and then slipped into their luggage by mistake.

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