A Walmart shopper who was accused of stealing did the only thing he could do to avoid getting the cops called on him

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An article in The Daily Dot describes what happened when a shopper gets accused of stealing at Walmart.

The incident occurred to a TikToker who went by the username gregmurphy77.

The TikToker was accused of stealing while he was shopping. He posted a video online of the incident.

In the video, a security guard is shown speaking to a few people at the store's exit. This was after the TikToker had been accused of taking merchandise without payment.

The TikToker decides to take his cart with items that had already been purchased to the returns desk. He proceeds to return the items he had just bought at the store and says,

When they accuse you of stealing you return that shit,

Although not stated in the Daily Dot, the Tiktoker had most likely been accused of stealing after he used the self-checkout system as he further says,

They want us to do the work of a cashier and then accuse us of being thieves on the way out.

He further made the claim, that there were five people standing at each door but none of them worked the register.

There is no mention of what happened to the TikToker after he returned the items.

According to Business Insider, Walmart's self-checkout system was meant to reduce labor and contribute to effective operations. Instead, there were complaints that the system was causing a surge in thefts.

It got so bad that Walmart's CEO reported that stores would need to close due to theft.

In the incident with the TikToker, it is possible that he was not stealing and perhaps the staff were just over-vigilant with people using the self-checkout system.

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