A Rosa Parks situation? A woman claims an Olive Garden hostess seated black customers on one side away from whites

Anita Durairaj

An article in The Daily Dot describes what happens when a woman confronted an Olive Garden worker for allegedly seating black customers away from white customers.

The incident took place when a woman named Shon and her friend walked into an Olive Garden restaurant.

She immediately noticed that the host seemed to seat black people on one side of the restaurant away from the white diners.

Shon felt that the situation was similar to what the historical Rosa Parks encountered back in 1955.

She decided to confront the Olive Garden host and film the encounter for TikTok at the same time.

Shon approached the host and asked her why all the black customers were seated on one side. The host looked confused at first but then she understood what Shon was saying.

The host led Shon to her workstation and told her that the seating arrangements were done on a table system that depended on which tables were available at the moment.

She also stated that all tables were served "equally."

Shon's video was later posted on TikTok and she received a slew of comments about the situation.

Some people sympathized with her to say that it could still have been an act of discrimination.

However, others supported the hostess and told Shon that it was true that Olive Garden might have a table system. Thus the seating was not done intentionally and it was just a coincidence that black customers happened to be seated on one side away from white customers.

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