After a man opens his prescription bottle of pills, he realizes the pharmacy made a grave error and he could legally sue

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In an article in the Daily Dot, a man reveals what he found in his bottle of prescription pills. And what he found was so serious that the pharmacy could easily get in trouble.

The man named Brady who is also a TikToker claimed in his video that his pharmacy had messed up his prescription pill order. Brady had been prescribed anti-depressant pills.

Instead, the pharmacy had mixed his anti-depressant pills together with anti-inflammatory pills. There were 50 anti-depressant pills and 14 anti-inflammatory pills.

The pharmacy tech had most likely mixed in the anti-inflammatory pills because they were the same color as the anti-depressant pills. Both were blue in color.

When Brady revealed the pharmacy's mistake online, he received thousands of comments.

Many people told him that he had a case for suing the pharmacy and that the pharm tech could even go to jail. After all, they were responsible for checking the final product before handing it over to the customer.

One person shared that his sister sued the pharmacy after a similar incident and now she had enough money to go to college.

Brady responded back saying that he would not sue the pharmacy because one of his family members worked there. He also claimed that he got the prescription from a third-party vendor that worked with the pharmacy.

He explained that if he accidentally took the anti-inflammatory pills, nothing really bad could have happened and the worst-case scenario would have been an ulcer.

Finally, Brady called the pharmacy and got his pills sorted out.

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