A very rare family: A Kentucky woman and her 623 descendants serve as living proof of a family's longevity

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Having six generations of the same family is quite rare, but it is not impossible. It is a remarkable achievement and a testament to the longevity and resilience of a family.

For one family, they are living proof that six generations can be together and alive at the same time.

Cordelia Mae Hawkins is a 98-year-old Kentucky woman.

Early in March 2023, Cordelia (who is also known as Maedell to her family) met her first great-great-great-grandchild for the first time.

There were six generations of the same family posing together as Maedell held her great-great-great grandchild ranging from 98-year-old Maedell to the little baby.

It is rare for six generations of the same family to pose together. It is even rarer for six generations of all of the same genders to pose together.

Maedell was born on July 19, 1924. She got married at 16 and went on to remarry two more times.

Her first husband was 50 years old when she married him at the age of 16. So she was a stepmother to 10 stepchildren but she also ended up with 13 children of her own.

She had a tough life as a young woman but she always made sure there was food on the table for her children.

Now in 2023, Maedell has 623 descendants according to Good Morning America News.

She has outlived all her husbands and many of her stepchildren.

The likelihood of having six generations alive at the same time depends on various factors such as the age at which individuals have children, the average lifespan in the family, and the number of siblings each generation has.

It is also influenced by social and cultural factors such as marriage and childbearing patterns, access to healthcare, and socioeconomic status.

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