A woman is surprised to find that the person who will interview her for a job was an ex-flame who was obsessed with her

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An article in the New York Post reveals what a TikToker went through when she had a job interview.

The TikToker, Rylie Jouett, from Texas claimed that she was going to have a job interview. But the cinch was that the interview was with the guy that she ghosted six years ago.

Six years ago, when Rylie was 19 she met one of the nicest guys. He had the best intentions for Rylie. However, the reason she had ghosted him was that he had become obsessed with her and very intense.

Now Rylie would have a job interview with him and she desperately needed the job. She would be interviewing for a barista position.

According to Rylie, the interviewer who was also her former flame did mention that the interview could become awkward but Rylie's response was that the relationship had never been serious. They had just kissed once.

In the present time, both Rylie and her ex-flame were already in other relationships so the interview should not have been a concern.

Rylie's TikTok went viral as viewers cautioned her that she should never have discussed the relationship on social media if she wanted the job. Some viewers were also hoping that Rylie would get back together with her former flame.

Rylie responded back saying that it wasn't really a big deal anyway because she was just interviewing for a $9 per-hour barista job. It wasn't corporate or a big tech job.

In the end, Rylie did get the job but ultimately declined the offer for a higher-paying job elsewhere.

At the time that she declined the offer, her ex had not replied back.

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