A woman married her cousin by accident but did not know for 10 years until she sent their DNA to a genealogy site

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An article in the New York Post describes what one woman found out about her husband after 10 years of marriage.

Celina Quinones, a Colorado woman recently discovered that she was blood-related to her husband of 17 years, Joseph.

Celina's story has also gone viral on TikTok.

Celina and her husband got married in 2006 and the couple had three children.

After ten years of marriage, Celina decided that she and Joseph would send their DNA to the genealogy site, MyHeritage.com

The results came back revealing that they were a match of 62 cM (centimorgan). The unit centimorgan measures genetic linkage.

And the numerical value 62cM indicated that Celina and her husband shared an ancestor 8 generations back.

Celina claims that initially the couple was devastated because they never expected to be blood-related.

Then, they decided that the result should not affect their lives.

Sharing an ancestor eight generations back would only make Celina and her husband distant relatives.

While some DNA may be shared between the couple, the amount of genetic material that the couple has in common would be very small.

Celina's story is not unique. After she posted her video, others also commented that they had married distant relatives.

One woman had dated her 5th cousin. The couple had asked their respective families if it was ok before dating each other.

It is more of a concern when the couple are both first cousins. First-cousin marriages are not legal in all U.S. states and only 0.2% to 2% constitute first-cousin marriages.

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