A plane passenger blasts a fellow traveler for their most "disgusting act" on a flight

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An article in 7 News Australia reports what happened on board a Virgin Atlantic flight after one passenger blasted a fellow traveler about their "unhygienic" act.

The passenger was on a Virgin Australia flight traveling from the Gold Coast to Melbourne when the incident occurred.

The passenger shared an image of another passenger in the row behind him. That passenger had removed their shoes and socks to rest their bare feet on the arm row in front of them.

The passenger's feet were next to him.

He immediately took an image of the passenger's feet and posted it to Facebook saying,

“This would have to be one of the most disgusting things that I’ve seen on a flight in a long time”

Once the image was shared on Facebook, it received a lot of comments on how the man could take revenge on the passenger with the bare feet.

One person told him to tickle the soles of the bare feet while another told him to recline the seat until the passenger's feet were wedged in.

After 20 minutes of putting up with the bare feet, he contacted the passenger and told them to remove their feet from the armrest.

The passenger complied and responded that she thought it was ok to put her feet up because the seat directly in front of her was empty.

Most airlines do require their passenger to keep their footwear on. This is mainly due to safety reasons. Footwear can protect feet against debris or sharp objects in the event of turbulence or an accident.

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