A warning after a woman makes a venomous discovery in a swimming pool

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According to Yahoo News Australia, a woman in New South Wales, Australia is warning people about the dangers lurking in swimming pools.

Her advice is to always check the pool before diving in because you never know what you may find lurking inside.

She found four venomous male Eastern Mouse Spiders similar to funnel webs inside her pool.

The Eastern Mouse Spider (Missulena bradleyi) is a species of spider found in eastern Australia. It belongs to the family Actinopodidae, which includes some of the most dangerous spiders in the world,

The spiders possess venom that can cause local pain and swelling but they are not known to be fatal to humans. However, some people could have severe reactions to their venom, resulting in nausea, difficulty breathing, and sweating. Thus, spiders should be treated with caution and should not be handled directly.

The woman who found the spiders in her pool claimed that she had never seen so many at one time. To find not one but four spiders all in the same pool was a rare occurrence.

The woman used a pool scoop to pluck out the spiders and toss them out.

The Eastern Mouse Spider does have a tendency to fall into swimming pools. They are unable to get out of the pools. But they can survive underwater for several hours before they drown. Thus, it is possible to get bitten even underwater.

According to the woman, it had rained for a couple of days, and she believes that led to the four spiders falling into her pool.

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