Underwater treasure hunting: A 10-year-old boy finds a $20,000 heirloom that a man lost while he was swimming

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A young boy on a beach used his metal detector to search for a priceless heirloom belonging to a man.

The incident which was reported in The Express took place on Australia's Balmoral Beach.

A man had lost his beloved Cartier Santos watch worth $20,000 while he was swimming.

The Cartier Santos is a luxury watch designed by the jewelry house, Cartier. It remains a classic that is highly sought after by collectors and watch enthusiasts.

The watch was an heirloom timepiece and once belonged to the man's father. The man mentioned that his father had purchased the watch in France about 40 years ago.

The man immediately sought the help of the Shave family. The family had a reputation for recovering lost treasures at the beach. They were also passionate about snorkeling.

A member of the family, 10-year-old Josh Shave decided to join in the hunt for the precious timepiece.

The boy recalled that he joined the search with his dad and very soon he got his first signal on the detector. They hadn't even been searching for a long time before the boy found the watch.

Josh was excited about his discovery but also very happy that the man would be relieved his watch had been found. He did get an undisclosed sum of money from the man as a reward.

Although not stated in the article, it can be assumed that Josh and his family were snorkeling with a metal detector.

Underwater treasure hunting can be done with a metal detector that is waterproof.

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