A woman took matters into her own hands after a passenger on her flight kept breaking wind causing the cabin to smell

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An article in The Sun describes a rather hilarious incident on board a flight.

A woman took matters into her own hands when a fellow passenger started farting while mid-air.

According to the woman, Devin Hance, the cabin started to smell as the unknown passenger kept farting.

Devin decided to find out who the farting passenger was and tell him or her to stop. She used the airdrop feature on her phone to reach out to other passengers on the plane.

She wrote, "if you're farting on the plane, please stop."

She received several responses from people on the plane that the person farting was sitting near her. Another person claimed that they could pinpoint the exact row that the fart was coming from.

After one passenger declined her airdrop, other passengers claimed that the person who declined was most likely the one who was responsible.

In the end, Devin never managed to track down the person who had farted on the plane. Instead, she ended up playing Battleship with another passenger on the plane's entertainment system.

While farting on a plane is not illegal, it is definitely disrespectful and impolite if it is done repeatedly.

Since cabin air on a plane is circulated, it can also be uncomfortable for passengers. Some passengers may be more sensitive to smells on board an enclosed aircraft than on the ground.

Excess gas on a flight can be avoided by eating the right foods and avoiding foods such as carbonated drinks and certain vegetables.

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