A Taco Bell worker finds an unpleasant surprise in the restaurant's walk-in fridge and he isn't happy about it

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A Taco Bell based in Wisconsin, is under fire after one of its workers alleges that he was forced to go against customer safety.

An article in the Daily Dot describes the incident which occurred when a Taco Bell worker was forced to use expired beef in food for customers. The worker was surprised when he found that expired beef was still being stored in the restaurant.

The worker who is also a TikToker posted about his experience on video.

In the video, the worker shows stacks of bags of beef located in a walk-in fridge. Each bag of beef is marked with an expiration or "use by" date.

The worker claimed that a Taco Bell "supervisor" told him to use beef that already had a "use by" date of February 27 and March 10 of this year. The statements were made when the date was March 15.

So, the worker was requested to use beef that was 2 weeks and 5 days past the "use by" date.

It is not known whether Taco Bell was aware of the worker's complaints on TikTok.

It is not recommended to cook beef beyond the "use by" date because the "use by" date is a safety guideline determined by the manufacturer indicating the date up until which the beef is safe to consume. Consuming beef beyond this date may increase the risk of food poisoning due to the growth of harmful bacteria such as E. coli or Salmonella.

Additionally, cooking beef beyond the "use by" date may result in a loss of quality and flavor as the beef may have been exposed to oxygen and may have started to break down. Therefore, it is always best to use beef before its "use by" date to ensure maximum safety, quality, and flavor.

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