Workers are spooked when they find a mysterious, empty room in a luxury hotel: The walls are embedded with razor blades

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An article in Yahoo News reports that a mysterious and rather creepy room exists in the Grand Central Hotel in Glasgow, Scotland.

The Grand Central Hotel is a historic hotel located in the heart of Glasgow, Scotland. It originally opened in 1883 and has undergone several renovations and updates to maintain its luxurious atmosphere.

The hotel has 230 rooms, including a range of suites and deluxe rooms, all of which feature modern amenities such as free Wi-Fi, flat-screen TVs, and air conditioning. There are also several on-site restaurants and bars so it is a very modern hotel despite being almost 140 years old.

The mysterious room in the hotel was discovered by a hotel staff member.

The staff member, Ashley Davies, was exploring the upper floor of the Grand Central Hotel which has been abandoned as not many people use that particular floor.

She found an empty room and it was even more worrisome when she found that the room was lined with razor blades embedded into the walls.

She asked other staff members if they knew about the room and the purpose of the razors embedded in the walls. The other staff had no idea about the room either.

In a video that she posted on social media, Ashley wrote that the derelict upper floor had a "razor room."

Her video went viral and received 1.6 million views. Viewers warned her that the hotel could be haunted.

While the mystery of the "razor room" received a lot of online interest, it was eventually solved when information came out that the room was part of a charity project.

The "razor room" was part of a charity project from 1999 and had remained like that ever since.

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