"Miracle Man" patient claims that he died and came back to life so he knows the truth about the "white light"

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An article in the New York Post reports on the unique experience of a British man who claimed that he died and then came back to life.

Kevin Hill spoke about his miraculous and incredible experience in the afterlife. Hill has been dubbed the "Miracle Man" by doctors.

Last year, Hill, age 55, suffered from complications from a heart valve operation.

His health battle started in 2021 when his legs started swelling up from excess water retention.

Doctors found that he had a serious medical issue that required immediate surgery.

Right after the surgery. he contracted calciphylaxis, a disease in which calcium accumulates in the small blood vessels of the skin and fat tissues.

The symptoms were very severe and his legs started bleeding out. It was during this time, that he died. His heart stopped beating for several minutes.

He said,

“I wasn’t looking down at my body, but I was separate from my body,”
“It was like I was in the spirit realm. I was conscious of what was going on but I had so much peace.”
“Then I just went to sleep and I woke up, alive and the bleeding had stopped,” “I knew it wasn’t my time to die.”

Hill did not see any bright white light or any sign of where he would be headed after death. His overall near-death experience was peaceful.

So there was no white light but he recovered and stayed in the hospital for almost a year before he was released.

The ordeal has now changed his life permanently.

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