A woman thought her boss misled her when he scheduled a "pay update" meeting with her that became unpleasant

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An article in the Daily Dot describes the misleading meeting invitation that a worker received from her boss.

The woman shared her story in a viral TikTok video.

In her video, the woman who went by the name Lola claimed that she worked in a contract job for a company.

One morning, there was a meeting marked on her calendar that was titled "Pay Update." Lola thought that the "pay update" could be about a possible raise and she was naturally excited about it.

However, it all turned out to be a giant mistake. As Lola walked into her boss's office, she found out that the "pay update" was that she was no longer going to be paid by the company.

Instead, her boss told her to stop coming to work immediately. She did not even receive a notice that her contract wasn't going to be renewed. Lola had to turn in her job I.D. right on the spot.

Lola felt that her boss had been misleading because he had even talked about renewing her contract prior to scheduling the "pay update" meeting.

She also felt that he should not have titled the subject of the meeting with the words "pay update." It would have been better if he had been direct with her.

As a contract worker, Lola knew that there was not much that could be done in this case and the company was within its rights to fire her. However, it could have been done without seeming underhanded.

Do you think Lola's boss did the right thing here?

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