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A man finds something wild living in his New York luxury apartment building but gets in trouble after he films it

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An article in the New York Post describes what happened to a tenant living in a luxury apartment building.

The tenant lived in a "luxury" apartment building in upstate New York.

The apartment located near Albany billed itself as a "luxury" apartment but the tenant claimed that there were many safety issues with the building.

He filmed a series of videos showing broken elevators and doors and flooding in the building. However, the worst part may have been the bats living in the building.

He shared a video clip of a bat in the elevator and bats just hanging out in the building.

The tenant's landlord found out about the videos and retaliated by not renewing his lease.

Before he was told to leave, the tenant claimed that his rent for a one-bedroom apartment was $1879 a month but the landlord had planned to increase the rent to more than $2000.

The man also claimed that he was a good tenant who had paid his rent on time and treated his neighbors and staff in the building with respect.

About a year ago, there was a large staff turnover and the maintenance of the building fell to the wayside. This was when all the maintenance problems started.

The tenant claimed that all he had done in his videos was to speak out about the unsafe conditions in the apartment so that something would be done about it.

The tenant and his family are required to leave by May 2023 but he also plans to pursue a class action lawsuit against the apartment.

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