Would you live with snakes? A Georgia woman refuses to pay rent after she found 6 snakes in her home and one in the sofa

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According to The Insider, a 72-year-old Georgia woman, Mary Carswell, ended up finding six snakes inside her rental home.

Carswell had been living in the home for seven years. She found the first snake in 2021.

It happened at night when she was coming out of the bathroom and spotted the snake. She stated that she beat the snake to death.

Since 2021, she has seen five more snakes inside her home. One snake was even found inside her sofa.

Carswell claimed that after she found the snakes, she was no longer comfortable in her rental home.

She claimed that the home was rundown with gaps in the floors and doors leading to the outside.

The home had a double infestation problem. First, there was a rat infestation and this may have been a reason why the snakes moved in as well.

When Carswell complained to her landlord, his response was to give her rat pellets and glue traps. She had told him to hire a professional exterminator.

After a while, Carswell moved out of the home and moved into a motel. She couldn't even take her furniture with her because she was afraid some of the snakes would have laid eggs in them. She found one snake in her sofa.

However, her landlord is now after her to pay the rent. Carswell hinted that her landlord did not seem to care even after she told him about the snakes.

Currently, Carswell and the landlord are in a dispute over the unpaid rent.

Meanwhile, Carswell's daughter has started a GoFundMe for her mother's expenses and motel stay.

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