A woman finds a box with Tudor clothing and she is floored when she finds it is valued at an amount fit for a queen

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Drawing of a Tudor woman from the National Portrait GalleryPhoto byAnonymous; Public Domain Image

Who would have thought that rare Tudor clothing dating back 500 years ago would be even more valuable in the present time?

An article in The Sun describes what happened when a guest on the Antiques Roadshow brought in Tudor clothing dating back to the time of Queen Elizabeth I.

The woman had found the clothing inside a box but she did not reveal where she had found the box in the first place.

The antique expert became very excited when she saw that the Tudor clothing had an ivory satin sleeve and support inside the sleeve to give it volume.

According to the expert, no examples of sleeve support had ever been found in Tudor clothing until now which made the clothing even more rare and precious. The clothing was also in very good condition despite having been created in the 16th century.

The value of the Tudor clothing was listed at 100,000 pounds (approximately $122,000). Naturally, the woman who brought in the clothing was stunned.

Women's clothing in Tudor England was often very elaborate and varied depending on their social status.

The typical Tudor woman wore a long, flowing gown with a tight bodice and a full skirt, often made of luxurious fabrics such as silk or velvet. Sleeves were voluminous and designed to be detachable.

The gown was usually worn over a linen chemise and a corset and was accessorized with a variety of items such as a ruff, jewelry, and headwear like a hood or a gable hood.

Women also wore stockings and leather shoes and often carried a fan or a purse as an accessory.

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