A woman has been drinking mint tea for breakfast, lunch, and dinner so that she has money left over to feed her six cats

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A woman living in North London, UK, is claiming that she can only afford to eat a meal once a week but she never allows her six cats to go hungry.

The woman's story which appears in The Times Now describes how her life has become difficult as the cost of living has risen in the UK.

The woman, Yasmen Kaptan, has been skipping meals for a whole year so that her cats have enough to eat. Despite the financial difficulty, she cannot bear to see any of her cats leave as they have been with her since they were kittens and now they are older cats. The cats are reported to be around 17 years old.

Yasmen has been surviving by drinking mint tea for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. If she ends up having a meal, it may be a salad, peppers, and onions.

Yasmen has lost a lot of weight since she started cutting her meals.

She also suffers from osteoporosis and had to leave her job in 2022. She receives a monthly disability benefit which goes towards rent and bills. She gets a weekly allowance which she uses for the care of her partner who also relies on her.

The remaining allowance is spent on cat litter, cat food, special milk, and biscuits. That hardly leaves anything for Yasmen herself.

Yasmen claims that she is trying to put on a brave face but it is getting harder and she is also getting weaker.

According to the UK parliament, the cost of living rose sharply in the UK in 2021 and 2022. Now high inflation is affecting how people can afford goods and services.

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