A woman has the last laugh when she finds out how much her creepy doll passed down from her great-grandma costs

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An article in The Sun describes an Antiques Roadshow incident in Faversham, England, involving a vintage doll.

The vintage doll was brought in by a woman to be appraised by an antique expert. When the woman revealed her doll, viewers were shocked at the doll's creepy appearance.

The vintage doll was made of French porcelain and its owner called her "Lady Eleanor."

The Lady Eleanor doll was dressed in petticoats and a bonnet leaving viewers feeling spooked as it was clearly from the past.

However, the antique doll expert from the show was fascinated by the doll and stated that Lady Eleanor was the best-dressed doll she had come across in a long time.

Lady Eleanor was quite old and had once belonged to the owner's great-grandmother.

According to the expert, she had a "French body" meaning that the doll was made from kid leather and that she was very expensive even when she was first created.

The doll was most likely created in France. She wore 1860s clothing and even had shoes with heels on them.

The owner was especially interested in finding out how much she could be valued and was shocked when the antique expert quoted a figure of 2000 British pounds (approximately $2454).

In the end, while most viewers were creeped out by the vintage doll, the owner had the last laugh when she realized she owned a very valuable doll.

Vintage collectible dolls may range in price from $10 to $200. The most expensive vintage porcelain doll in history was valued at $300,000 in 2014.

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