"Me or the dog": A marriage in danger after wife is pressured by husband into getting a dog that "destroys" their home

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An article in the Daily Mail reveals a predicament that a British woman is undergoing in her marriage.

The woman's story was posted on the site, Mumsnet.

The woman claimed that for years her husband had pressured her into getting a dog. She finally relented but 10 months into getting the dog, the woman now claims that her marriage is on the brink of collapse.

First, the puppy destroyed her garden and now has taken over the house and her husband's affections.

She feels that she has reached a point where it will be necessary to give an ultimatum to her husband, "me or the dog."

The woman was worried because she knew that there would be many dog lovers on social media and she does not want to seem unreasonable. But she had raised two kids and was looking forward to a peaceful life with her beautiful garden until the dog ruined it all.

The woman wrote,

Since then, my life turned upside down. I initially told myself to suck it up until we pass the crazy puppy months and while my house is being destroyed in front of me. But after a few months of much stress, anxiety, and anguish, I decided it's definitely not for me and I won't ever be happy or relaxed with a dog in my house.

Meanwhile, the woman's husband does not plan to get rid of the dog and even said he would leave.

Since then, the woman has received many comments including those from dog lovers saying that her husband did not regard her feelings in getting a dog and he was foolish to choose a breed that was not practical for their lifestyle.

The advice ranged from having her leave her husband to exercising more patience with the dog.

What advice would you have given in this situation?

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